Thursday, July 23, 2015

*dusting this off*

My poor abandoned divination blog, I've been terribly slack with keeping up with this.  Somehow, once again, life took over.  Admittedly in that time I've moved half way across the country.  But I'm trying to get back on track with my Tarot, my Runes and my Pendulum work, so hopefully I'll be a bit better about updating on here :)


I recently invested money in a couple of tarot apps.  I'd wondered how to go about doing daily readings etc when I work a job that would not approve of the presence of tarot cards, even in my private space.  So I found that Fool's Dog has a bunch of apps for decks I have and a few decks I don't but have coveted so I downloaded the Revelations Tarot, which I have been eyeing off for a while.  It's actually a good way to get a feel for the decks, at this juncture I'm not entirely convinced that Revelations is for me, as much as I love the artwork.

The second deck I downloaded was The Wild Unknown tarot.  I've been coveting this one since it was published but haven't managed to fork out the $40 for it as of yet.  So I decided I'd pay the $6.99 for the app and see how I went with the cards.  Well I adore the cards, the deck was instantly readable to me and I am now trying to talk myself out of splurging on the physical deck until next pay day :)

I do like the apps.  The revelations has the bonus feature of being able to do a customizable spread as well as the generic ones, which I like.  But both apps offer the ability to store and do readings as well as daily card pulls.  I actually like that you can set the Wild Unknown app to notify you of your daily pull each day so you wont forget.  The journal feature is very helpful, as is being able to just flip through the cards.  I'm certainly not giving up my physical decks anytime soon, and I wouldn't use them to do readings for other people, but I do like the freedom to mess with my tarot now wherever and whenever I like without anyone being aware of it.


I finally managed to get my hands on a set of blue sunstone runes.  I've wanted a set for years and every time I attempted to purchase them the stores were out of stock.  I finally found these at a Ren Faire of all places.  They are nice and small (about the same size as my original Tiger's Eye ones that sadly had a rune break) so I will probably use these more than my opalite ones.

I found Leon D Wild's 'The Runes Workbook' second hand and I'm going to work through that as part of my journey with the runes.  I don't recall if I gave them away or lost them in the move but I went to dig out the books I originally had on Runes and they were nowhere to be found.

I still have vague plans about making my own set from a variety of different crystals but that is on the back burner at the moment as I'm trying not to set myself up with too much to do and then failing because I feel overwhelmed.


You know I have three of these that I've purchased over the years because they've called to me and yet I haven't really played with any of them.  I tried working with my clear quartz one but it just picked up on too many different energies.  I've got two others I want to try play with.  I'm not sure if pendulums are for me so I'm going to start the journey and see how things go.  I'll try to keep this updated with the progress.

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