Friday, July 24, 2015

What is tarot to you?

I first came across tarot when…

          I first came across tarot when I began looking into Wicca as a spiritual path.  I was vaguely aware of it but I didn’t really have a pull towards it.  I first explored Oracle cards and then I gradually became interested in tarot.  It appeared daunting, all those meanings and symbols and how was I to learn it all.

The reason I want to learn tarot is…

          I want to learn tarot because I believe it is a valuable technique for tapping into the unconscious mind and the universal consciousness as a way to assist in understanding our world.

Here’s how I feel about learning tarot in three words:

Overwhelmed, excited, determined

Tarot’s main purpose (for me) is…

          To help guide me in my spiritual journey and to assist me with better understanding myself and my situations in life.

Here are some things I don’t believe about tarot:

          I don’t believe that tarot is evil.  I also don’t believe that it predicts the future, rather it is a tool for understanding and guidance to options.

I think the most important qualities for a tarot reader are:

          Honesty, passion, and continual learning.

In learning tarot, I hope to…

          Better understand myself and develop a tool for knowledge and learning that will assist me with my spiritual and mundane journey.

I think my main challenges will be…

          Trusting myself and my interpretations and getting over the idea that there is a ‘right way’ to read the tarot and a ‘right answer’.  Moving beyond my very analytical approach to study and embracing the flow of tarot and letting the wisdom just come to me.

But I will try to overcome them by…

          Releasing my fears, embracing my flaws and forging forward on this journey that has been calling to me for several years now.

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